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Sunday, September 11, 2011

making a move.

This blog had been working well for about a year and a half now....
We had a lot of fun together - making memories, changing decor, watching the boys grow up...
But, we had a fight.
We aren't able to make I had to make my move.
It was a hard decision...but I need to annouce to all you friends, family, followers (and stalkers) -

4 under 4 will now go by the title "four under four"

Come and join me there!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guess Who's 2!!

For about 2 weeks now we've been "hyping up" for Megersa's birthday.
Apparently Cale is convinced that at the age of 2...and only after you TURN 2, you are a big boy. He has lumped Megersa in with the twins referring to them as "babies" because Megersa was still 1, and 1 is a baby.
Well, his status will changed!
We have some fun things planned for his birthday which will be in another post...but until then I thought it'd be kinda nice to have a little interview with our birthday boy. :)
Hi Megersa.
"H-h-h-h-hiiiiii Mommy!" (He has recently developed a stutter...hopefully he grows out of it.) Note: Most of his answers start with quite a string of stuttering for that first word, so I'll just skip over that and answer the way he did once he got that sentence going... ;)
Can you tell me your name?
Do you know how old you are today?
Now that you're two, are you a big boy, or a baby?
"big bey"
Megersa at 2 years old:
(Yep, his skinny little legs fit in the bumbo!)
Megersa at age 1:Megersa's referral picture @ 2 months old:
Can you tell me where you were born?
What's your favorite color?
"my favrit color"
((would have thought he was gonna say GREEN. That's usually the color he says for everything. Guess I was wrong... though learning his colors is one thing he hasn't quite taken to yet... ;))
What's your favorite food to eat?
uh, Grammie
-after some help, he agreed that his favorite foods consisted of:
chicken nuggets, french fries, hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly Who is your best friend?
but, Daddy and I are pretty confident that the real answer is: Cale.
What is your favorite toy to play with?
uh, favorite play...with...with...mustard.
but we know the real answer to be: his SCOOTER!!
((He is actually quite excellent at it for a 2-yr-old!))
Daddy and I notice that you like to put things on your head...which "hat" is your favorite?helmet.Do you like sitting on the potty and going poopy?
Why not?
I want to play with Cale.

Which movie is your favorite one to watch?
"uh, uh...a DVD."
Cale helps him out with this one and we got out the truth: Blues Clues. :)
Can you name ALL the people in your family?
Yeah. Uh...Jesus.........
(after helping him by showing him a picture of our family, he started naming:)
Daddy, Taddus, Tepperd, Mommy, Gersa, Cale
Do you know that we all love you?

Friday, September 2, 2011

A son and his momma.

The other day Cale and I went to Jimmie Cone for the first time.
The new ice cream place as he now calls it. :)
After we ordered, we sat down at the picnic tables to eat.
Cale was devouring his cone as he listened in on a conversation that 4 kids were having about their first day of school.
He shouted to them, introducing himself and asked them how old they were and what they were talking about. (He is a fault sometimes it seems. ;)
And while I tried to buffer his volume and his keep his ice cream from dripping everywhere I got distracted by a car pulling up.
A man stepped out of the driver's seat. He looked to be in his mid-late 50s. He walked around to the side door and opened it for a women in her mid-late 70s (it seemed). She held her hand out and he took it. They walked arm in arm and got in line. She leaned, not on her cane, but on him to steady her balance.
They ordered.
Holding both ice creams in his one hand, he made sure his other hand was free for her to hold.
They sat down at a picnic table next to us.
I could barely contain myself from taking a picture of was just so sweet.
I know it sounds odd, but I welled up a tiny bit...
Because, in that instance all I could do was picture was myself as the old women...and my heart was swelling to know that years and years from now I will have 4 sets of strong arms to hold onto.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Twin FAQs

In honor of the twins now being 6 months old...I'll start off by posting 6 of my favorite (recent) pictures of them. OH, how adorable they are!!!Hard to believe it's been half a year since these precious little guys came into the world.
Each day I love them more and more.... :)
And since having them I tend to answer a lot of the same questions.
The one I hear the most is - "How do you do it?"
Well, I'm not sure I can answer that any better than..."how can I NOT do it?" I'm not offended and I can see that in an odd way, that person seems to be complimenting me (I think)...less obvious of course than, "better you than me..." but I understand. If you asked 21 year-old, newley-married Katie how she would deal with 4 kids ages 4 and under, I'm sure she wouldn't have anything to say (believing this surely wouldn't happen)...but the older/wiser me has come up with this profound answer:
Its just what we do now.
We've adjusted, adapted and are making it work.
With any addition to a family, the previous members are forced to regroup, reprioritize, and reschedule...until you get accustomed to "the new normal."
But that's just the opening question. The most often asked, but never fully answered to satisfaction....
Here I will address (and answer) others I have heard by my ears or seen with my eyes (Yes, I often feel I can tell what some are thinking when they observe the chaos here......)

In no particular order of importance:
Are your twins on the same schedule?
-Negative. As I mentioned before, my twins are as different as night and day. And in this case, it is a literal statement. Shepherd enjoys sleeping in...much like his momma (smile), but Thad wakes up early. He usually goes longer at night without needing to eat (sometimes a whopping 10-11 hrs), so when he wakes up to eat around 7 or so, he's up. Shepherd enjoys an early morning bottle (usually sometime between 4-6am) but then goes back to sleep. And for the most part, his wake up call for the day is around the 9am hour. ...Once we had to wake him at 11:05a because I was getting concerned! lol.
How much does each baby weigh?
-Good question. They haven't been weighed since they were 4 months old...and boy are they getting to be little chub-chubs! Hang on....I'll go put them on our bathroom scale now.
Shepherd: 16 1/2 lbs
Thaddeus: 17 lbs
(This is of course, me just standing on the scale alone, then adding them and subtracting the difference. Not exactly doctor's office, they had clothes on...but at least it's an estimate.)
Do the babies like their older brothers?
-Yes. For the most part. Cale can really make them laugh by doing the simplest saying "boo, boo, boo!" He can usually get Thad giggling pretty hard. The babies like watching Megersa run around too. It's interesting that when Megersa talks to the babies, it's always in this high pitched little voice. "Hiiiiiiiii Baby!!" Not sure where that comes from...
Does either baby have a favorite parent?
-Yes. Me. Hahaha. Honestly though, perhaps one could say that Shepherd has a slight preference for Mommy (only for care purposes), but as far as love goes...I'd say there is a mutual feeling all around. :)
How do the babies react to others (not in the family)?
-I'll admit that these 2 sometimes seem to live in a bubble. The bubble that is our house. Meaning, they don't get out much. Sad, but true. There isn't anywhere I need to go badly enough to bring all 4 with me, and there really isn't much time during the day where I can even get out - seems like there is always someone napping. They go to church and doctors appointments. At church it seems to be hit and miss. Last week I intended to leave them (or just one even) in the nursery for the first time...but both babies went beserk (even before I got them to the nursery door). We spent the church service in the lobby with Daddy and some friends. :) When people come here to spend time with me (bless you, friends!), the babies seem fine. But they seem most comfortable with me holding them while they interact with the new face.
Do the babies sleep in the same room together?
-Nope. Back to #1 again. Different schedules. When they were tiny we split them up so each of us could take care of one at night. (My husband is a wonderful man for doing that!) Their cribs are in different rooms and to be honest, I'm not sure if they'd both fit in the same room! Of course when they get older the goal will be to put them together, but for now with how different they sleep for both nap and bed...they will remain apart.
Are they eating solids yet?
-A few weeks ago we introduced oatmeal. Thad seems to like it, and Shepherd will take a few mouthfuls. Somedays they are very interested, and others, not-so-much...but I guess they're still "young" (4 months corrected). We aren't pushing it. Once they really start gobbling it, I'll add another feeding in there, and who knows, maybe even some mushed bananas! :)
You say "corrected age" - are they behind?
-Well, yes and no. Because all babies are different, I'm sure there are some babies who hit certain milestones at 4 months, where ours were closer to 5 or 6 months. Sleeping through the night took longer than some term babies I know (but even with that, they still slept better than both Cale and Megersa at this age). And while Cale could roll over around 4 months, I'm sure there are still some term 6 month olds who can't. We think they're doing really well considering their start. They can both roll from belly to back, and Thad is getting close going the other way. Shepherd doesn't seem interested in moving around too much. Thad has always had a stronger trunk. Cale was like that - "standing" as soon as he got strength in his legs.
Do your twins have favorite activities?
-Thaddeus gets a big kick out of being in the exersaucer. Honestly, from the first time we put him in it, he fixated on the spinning toys and could get them going. At first Tim and I thought it was a fluke...but he locks eyes, and will take his hand and spin them away! I'd say that's one of his favorite places. He likes to be on the floor mat too and grab at (and try to yank down) his toys. Shepherd likes the floor mat too, but isn't as interested in the exersaucer (though he'll "stand" there happily). He likes the swing more than Thad does, especially since we hung a link of toys from the top so he can get them in his mouth.
What size clothes are they in?
-Though they are both getting pretty chunky (we think anyway)...they are still in 3-6 month clothes. Considering their slim start at 4 lbs, they're doing well. Tim and I are both very sure they will outgrow Megersa. ;)
Do either of them have any teeth yet?
-No. You might think it the way T drools, but no chompers seem to be coming just yet. Cale was 9 months before he got a tooth, and Megersa was 10 months.
What makes them laugh the most?
-Good question. Of course I told you about Cale. :) Tim can usually get them going pretty good... Both of them LOVE to see Daddy when he comes home. Instant fun, he is. Each baby have pretty good tickle spots in the crease of their legs...and up by their shoulders. Both babies get tickled pink when we change their clothes. It's quite funny to watch.
Do they have differences in personality?
Absolutely. Shepherd is our snuggler. Perhaps it's because he's not as physically strong, he tends to mold into your body, just laying his head up against you. Thaddeus will sometimes push out from the tight holds...apparently fearful he may 'miss something.' Thad is a great eater...he enjoys his bottles and is really getting the hang of baby food. Shepherd is very distracted during feeding times. He coos and smiles at you as the food drools out of his mouth. Sometimes I wonder how he's gained so much weight! :) Shepherd is generally much more "chill" during the day. He's pretty content to stay where you've placed him. Thad likes interaction. He notices faces on everything - the computer screen, our refrigerator door, the television. He demands that SOMEONE look and smile at him! T has another funny quirk. He has recently started fake coughing to get attention. He will also 'growl' when he wakes up, or when he's interacting with his toys. It's so funny. Shepherd has been more of a "talker." One time I was outside reading a chapter of Psalms to them and when I was done, Shepherd continued to talk to me for what seemed like minutes without stopping. It was adorable. They are both quite peaceful when outside, even when they're tired, and are getting better at car rides (where once it was a scream fest). Overall, they're wonderfully happy babies and their little personalities are excellent additions to our family's craziness!

Do you ever get them mixed up?
-I will admit that only once, as teeny tiny babies did I think that one was the other. I'm pretty sure Tim mixed them up once or twice as well...but we attribute it to lack of sleep, and the fact that we had to keep them super bundled (usually only their faces were showing) all day long. Otherwise, no. Their looks, preferences, cries and quirks are just so different...
What is the most challenging thing about having twins?
Hm. I guess just trying to juggle them, their needs, and the needs of the older 2 boys. Add on household chores and trying to spend time with my husband, and well, it's hard to get it accomplished. Each day feels an aweful lot like the day before... So the challenge would be to make each day a little bit special. :)
What is the most rewarding thing about having twins?-Well, it's 2 people to love. Two people who light up when they see your face - two babies who, essentially, would prefer you to anyone else in the world. These babies are a blessing. They are GOOD and healthy babies. God is so wonderful! Multiples stretch a lot of things - your wallet, your patience, your time...but also...your heart, your reliance on God, your love for your spouse.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Less than Stellar' Mom Award

Okay Moms (and Dads), we've all done a few things as a parent that may be frowned upon... We've put Blues Clues on to entertain our youngsters so we could take a cat nap, let them eat food off the floor (10 second rule, right? :) bribed them with candy so they'd behave at the doctors office...or gave them that extra scoop of ice cream because they flashed us their biggest and brightest smile.
It happens.
Well, I know I won't be winning the "World's Best Mom" award anytime soon...
And I'll bet you'll get a kick out of the things that go on in a house with 4 boys ages 4 and under:

It's possible I've done a few of these things....
But how about you?
Have YOU ever:
- Left your child in his crib much longer than you normally would because you were tired and he was happily entertaining himself?
- Given your baby a bottle of formula that is way past the 1 hr mark?
- Let your 4-year-old wipe your (almost) 2-year-olds bum after he poops in the potty?
- Allowed your children to play unsupervised in the bathtub (but with the door open, of course ;) because this seems to be the only time you have time to put everyone's clothes away?
- Told the child who comes to wake you up in the morning to let you sleep and ask Daddy for whatever he asked you for?
- Allowed your child to eat only bread and peas for dinner because he refused to eat what you made?
- Put makeup on your son because...he was interested, you thought it was funny, and hey - you don't have a daughter to dress up!?
- Purposely cleaned out the garage so there was another place for your children to play which would be far away from sleeping babies?
- Used your babes as an excuse as to why you were still no where near the weight you wanted to be? (...only for the first 5 months of course ;)
- Kept your child's hair short because it was easier than putting product in it every day to keep it looking nice even though you'd prefer it to be longer?
- Told your child not to talk with his mouth full with food in YOUR mouth?
- Used the play pen as a homemade "prison" for wild children?
- Put the timeout chair in the bathroom and closed the door so you didn't have to hear the complaining?
- Threatened that certain family members or friends wouldn't come to visit if your child didn't: put his clothes on...go pee-pee in the potty...wash his hands...brush his teeth...obey....listen (etc) even when said person was already on the way?
- Ate some of your child's Easter, Christmas, Halloween or Birthday candy without him knowing?
- Put your children in their Sunday clothes on Saturday night so they're ready for church and it'd be one less thing you have to do before you leave for church?
- Disciplined both rowdy boys because you found something broken and neither would confess (or stop blaming the other?)
-"Helped" your child finish his snack because he was taking his sweet time and bedtime was fast approaching?
- Let your child eat: breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack while sitting on the potty?
- Gave your baby a wipes "bath" and declared them clean?
- Allowed your children to stay in the bathroom having a "poop party" (even after they've already gone) - complete with toys, food and books because they'll entertain each other for awhile?
- Requested that your child read YOU a bedtime story this time. :)

Perhaps you've done some of these yourself?? I like to think I'm not the only one.


I saw this at Walmart:Clearly, this is not just's incorrect. But I thought it was funny. ;)
Today I felt inspired to jot down the oddities that occur most days in the lives of my 4 young men
1. Thaddeus. Since he's sitting here next to me, he gets to go first.
I think I'd be correct in saying that about 75% of Thad's awake time is spent with at least one finger in his mouth. Usually 2 or 3. Sometimes it looks like his whole fist. But, I'm constantly changing his outfit because he's always a slobbery mess. Is he teething? Well, we have yet to see the evidence of that... Not too odd, I understand. But I do think with all that finger sucking, he'd enjoy that sensation when he's falling asleep. Nope. Each nap consists of holding him tightly, bouncing a little, and a binky. It doesn't take him very long to zonk out, but don't you find it strange that he doesn't wanna suck his hand/fingers/arm (anything!) when he's tired? I do.

2. Cale. He's up next because even though he's suppose to be in "quiet time" - he's rarely ever quiet.... But no, the fact that he's loud isn't his oddity. That doesn't surprise me (or anyone else for that matter). He's large...and he's a boy. Enough said.
Cale is social. Very social. He thinks everyone who walks through our door is there to play with him. His friends come in all shapes and sizes and he doesn't mind one bit.
He is persistent in saying hello to everyone and anyone...almost to a fault. He's been known to yell out car windows at the trucker driving by, or ask the early morning jogger her name as she whizzes by. He often takes offense to to people who don't respond with as much enthusiasum as he has and can't understand why people wouldn't want to tell him their life story. We're trying to teach him that some people like to be quiet, or are kinda shy...but that's unknown territory for him so it's a work-in-progress. 3. Shepherd next, because I'm certain he will wake up soon. And while this it's not necessarily "odd" - Tim and I have discussed how interesting it is that he looks SO different from when he's not smiling and when he is. Honestly, we think he looks like a different baby.
Observe Shepper - not smiling -
And then smiling: (super cute, right?) ;) 4. And last, but not least...Megersa. His odd behavior will, I'm sure give both Tim and I gray hairs before we want them (though hubby has already found some.... HA!) :). M is apprehensive of almost anything new...but not fearful. While this doesn't seem too bad, it is worrisome in certain situations. For instance, he is apprehensive of new people - especially when friends of mine offer to take the boys to play, but he will not cry. He has only cried a handful of times when dropping him off anywhere. This is good...but when we are in a crowded place, Megersa doesn't show fear of the unknown people. He doesn't stay close by as Cale does (fearing he will get lost). I can't say why this is, but Tim and I are working hard to get him to listen, obey and stay close when we are in a crowded place. And it's also why, when we fly to Florida this December, Megersa will be in a stroller with the twins., he's clearly small enough!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another year.

I'm 28 years old.
I feel old. ;)
It seems that each day goes by ever-so-slowly, only to be replaced by another day with the exact same events happening.
But when I turn around, another year has gone by.
Since last year I posted 27 things you may or may not know about me, this year, I thought I'd have to top myself with 28 things.

28 new things:
1. Up until just recently I had been spelling these two words incorrectly - deoterant and marshmellow.
2. I drank my first cup of coffee a few days before I turned 28.
3. I'm currently on a diet. I can only remember one other time in my life going on a serious diet - when I was 13 my doctor told me I was "a big girl" so all during 7th grade, I tried not to eat anything. (Somehow I survived... ;)

4. I'm a terribly light sleeper. Even with sleeping pills, ear plugs, and a blanket covering my ears - I can still hear Cale walking up the steps, Tim snoring softly, or one of my babies sighing contentedly in his sleep. It's a curse I swear.
5. I've been known to sleep on TOP of a comforter/duvet sheet and use another blanket to cover me so that my bed always looks made... ;)
6. When I get an idea in my head - ie: moving furniture, reorganizing, packing, unpacking - I am like white lightning. Last year I unpacked this entire house in 3 days!
7. I dont consider myself a "crier" but I can well up on the spot just looking at my children.
8. I do not argue well. I tend to go round and round in circles with my point because it makes sense to me. Then, when I am finished fighting, I'm over the subject. The latter has been known to infuriate Tim at times. :)
9. If I were only allowed 2 beauty products for the rest of my life I would choose concealor and an eyelash curler. WOW, they make a difference! It's like going from 5am to 10am...instantly awake and much more pleasant to look at.
10. Since we're on the subject of makeup - to Tim's dismay, I'd say that 90% of the time I put on makeup is in the drivers seat of a car (I even have an extra makeup bags in there)...
11. I'm nerotic about nap schedules for my kids. I wish I could be the type to let them sleep on the go...but for whatever reason, this aspect of my mothering has never been laid back.
12. At this point in time Tim would say he doesn't want anymore children. I'd still say I want one or two more.
13. I often have very close friends who are way older than I ones that could be my mother. It's loads of fun (and useful information at times!).
14. Not to be prideful, but I'm probably one of the best 'Ticket to Ride' players you'll ever see. ;)
15. Tim was not my first kiss. (I've been watching a lot of the Duggars on TV, so I thought I'd make a confession.)
16. I get a little un-nerved with the way teenage girls dress. Sure, I came from a very conservative background...but the amount of leg I see on girls 11 and up (even past my age) is unsettling - church girls too!
17. I once had a nose ring for four days. I intend to get another as a celebration when I get back my pre-twin body back. :)
18. I think people who refer to themselves as their animals "mommy" or "daddy" are kinda nutty. I'm literally watching 'A Baby Story' and there is a women telling her DOGS that their baby brother is coming home soon.... :/ I mean, I'm sure she's a lovely person outside of that detail...but come on, it's a LITTLE crazy...
19. I didn't care much for planning my own wedding (I personally wanted to get married at the beach with a few people and come back for a party), but I quite enjoy helping others plan theirs.
20. I have, on more than one occasion been careless with candles... Once, while I was cutting a friends hair a candle burned a whole through the top of our 27" television. Still works though! :)
21. I am NOT a morning fact, I don't mind that our twins stay up until about 10pm because they usually sleep in until 9am. (What about the other 2? We leave breakfast out for Cale and he knows how to put in a Blues Clues tape...and M plays in his crib.)
22. My favorite time of the day is naptime. Some days when the sun is bright and the clouds are formed in a smiley face I can get all my kids down at the same time (Cale just in quiet time). It's glorious and sometimes even I get to doze.
23. I can name all of our US Presidents in order. I have been able to since the 4th grade. I probably learned more that year than any other. :)

24. Though our favorite restaurant is Red Robin. Both Tim and I LOVE their Royal Red Robin burger and their fries dipped in ranch, (You have no idea how difficult it is to even type that while dieting - oh the longing!!) we often get gift cards to Macaroni Grill, and Olive Garden. There's only so much fettucini alfredo I can eat! lol.
25. I only watch the news when forced. Even then I could sit there for 1/2 hour and still have no idea what's going on in the real world. My world is full of marshmallows. :)
26. I want to adopt a baby girl from China...and name her Poppy.

27. I could probably sing more songs from the 80's than I could post 2000 .
28. I'm still in love with my best friend.

Anyone know all those things about me?